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i've been enjoying the various articles on this site. If you don't already know about him, you might be interested in looking into the work of Marko Pogacnik. He lives in Slovenia and has a deep connection with the energies of the earth. He works with geomancy and has written several interesting books.

He comes to the states on occasion, as does his daughter Ana Pogacnik.

Karen Speerstra

Thank you, Cynthia. I have several of Marko's books but I hadn't actually worked with his website and meditations until you mentioned it. I cite him in my upcoming book, "Sophia: The Feminine Face of God," and his work with the Hagia Chora School for Geomancy in Germany. One of the "Sophia" places I write about is the Chartres Cathedral and I was intrigued by his account in "Christ Power and the Earth Goddess"of a powerful experience he had there.

I so appreciated your comments.

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